Wuhan Vocational and Technical College of Information Communication

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  • Using Qiming Taihe Skills Single Recruitment Online Registration Exam Solution is mainly used to solve the school's skills registration and examination arrangement, which is convenient for candidates to sign up, facilitates the school examination arrangement, and it is more convenient to reconcile financial data according to relevant reports, which improves the school as a whole Office efficiency.

    Wuhan Vocational and Technical College of Information Communication is a full-time general higher vocational school approved by the Provincial People's Government and filed by the Ministry of Education, with 8,700 full-time students. The school is located in Miaoshan Science and Technology Park, Wuhan East Lake High-tech Development Zone, Optics Valley, China. It covers an area of 648 acres and is equipped with modern teaching facilities. The school currently has 39 majors in 6 schools. The school continues to deepen the reform of production and education integration and school-enterprise cooperation talent training model, and has built the "National Print Media Technology Training Base", "World Skills Competition Beauty Competition National Training Base", and "Game Design Talent Training Project of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology" A batch of national and provincial training bases such as Training Base", "National Electronic Information Service Industry Talent Training Project 3D Printing Technology Training Base", "China Printing Industry Highly Skilled Talent Education Training Base".

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