Examination organization involves many colleges, subjects, teachers, and links. Examination organization is difficult, communication workload is large, coordination efficiency is not high, and errors are easy to occur.

Most of the test paper question cards are delivered to third-party printing institutions (printing houses) outside the school for printing. The safety of the test papers cannot be guaranteed, and there are uncontrollable logistics risks.

It is difficult for traditional marking papers to realize sub-topics and multiple reviews, the offline reviewing environment is noisy, the progress is difficult to control, and the scores are prone to errors. Paper test papers are not easy to save.

Under the epidemic, more than 95% of colleges and universities have switched semester exams from "offline" to "online". The duration of the epidemic is unknown. How to ensure that the test results are objective and true?

Colleges and universities make decisions on teaching and research policies, formulate individual teaching plans, and students have a complete picture of their own academic work. They lack a platform for analysis and prediction, and early warning of abnormal teaching and during the event.




Semester exams, daily classroom teaching, homework, teaching quality evaluation, teaching research analysis.



AI technology, big data mining and analysis, cloud computing, multi-terminal equipment support.

Establish a comprehensive management platform for digital exams throughout the school


Build an integrated online and offline collaborative management platform to upgrade from the manual era to digital management. Through the same platform, complete the entire process of setting questions, submitting and reviewing papers, printing and sorting, online exams, computer grading, teaching and research analysis, and paper archiving for various exams in the school. From a global perspective, solve the problems of exam organization efficiency, process standardization, and resource intensification.

Obtaining scientific data basis for teaching management evaluation


The teaching evaluation of various colleges and majors was originally only based on fuzzy analysis through manual statistics. Through the information-based exam service platform, it is possible to achieve macro data analysis of the entire school's exam situation, as well as drill down into various micro data, providing a comprehensive and scientific data analysis basis for academic management, teaching research decision-making, and teaching quality evaluation.

Standardized platform management for all exams


All standardized management platforms for exams can achieve effective standardized management and real-time monitoring for the overall allocation, progress control, and quality control of school exam work. All work progress, personnel operation records, and data information of the examination organization can be checked at any time on the platform, allowing for immediate identification of problems and traceability of responsibilities. For cross campus work, teachers can also easily achieve local work and remote control.

Establishing a digital asset library for campus exam resource data


Digitally archive all exam papers, answer cards, original grading papers, experimental reports, exam data, and candidate data throughout the school, and transform them into valuable data assets. Can be permanently saved and retrieved at any time. The school's past historical paper papers and question cards can also be recognized and stored electronically. The history test paper can be restarted and called at any time.

The platform can cover 90% of the school's exam scenarios


It can basically cover all kinds of examinations in the school, including mid-term Final examination, entrance examination, enrollment examination, subject competition, degree examination, daily test, etc. The system supports local deployment and can support offline paper and pencil exams, cloud online exams, local LAN machine exams, as well as local proposition, local printing, and local grading to cope with various exam levels.

Powerful teaching and research Big data analysis function improves teaching quality and efficiency


Jointly developed and launched the teaching and research Big data analysis system with the top 985 universities in China. It can provide a multi-dimensional data cockpit for the Academic Affairs Office, as well as macro and micro data dashboards for course colleges, examination colleges, and related teachers. Personalized learning reports can be directly provided to students. The analysis report on the achievement of curriculum objectives can provide data support for Professional certification and curriculum construction in colleges and universities.

Online and offline collaborative management of all school exam participants


The entire school's exam participants achieve online and offline collaborative management of exam participants in various campuses, including all managers and participating teachers related to the academic affairs office, proposition colleges, course colleges, exam colleges, and printing parties. All tasks are distributed and process control is carried out through the same platform, with clear task division, clear process records, and real-time visibility of all processes. The system sets different permissions for different roles to avoid perceived unsafe risks.

Improving work efficiency and accuracy through information services


Migrate all offline processes and data during the exam process to computer processing, achieving seamless interoperability, efficient utilization, and closed-loop management of data in all stages of the exam. All mechanical, procedural, and statistical tasks are automatically completed by the system, minimizing the burden on teachers, reducing the risk of manual errors, and improving exam fairness. Teachers can devote more time to teaching and research.


Able to support two entrance exam modes

System intelligent invigilation combined with a small amount of manual intervention, multi-screen invigilation 360° without dead ends, dual-lock screen keys, and remote environment detection.


Online question card production

Compatible with multiple test number layouts, multi-column layouts, AB volume, online design, WYSIWYG, question card reuse, self-service/customer service card making.


Variable printing and automatic sorting

Online collaboration, to-do reminders, progress monitoring, variable printing, automatic sorting by examination room printing, and bagging system verification.


Lntelligent Marking

Automatic machine evaluation of objective questions, subjective question scoring, double-assessment arbitration, keeping track of marking, automatic score registration, and export of score reports.


Perpetual archiving of electronic test papers

The question card is electronically archived and accessed at any time


Teaching and research big data analysis

Performance analysis and early warning, dynamic learning situation tracking, teaching quality evaluation, group dynamic portrait



The "one-stop" platform-based service allows seamless data exchange in all aspects of the test, and easily realizes the whole process management of paper and pen, online test, teaching and research analysis.

Offline exclusive project manager 7×24 hours "one-to-one" technical support and consultation, online customer service to assist in question card production, question bank guidance, technical consultation, etc.


Wuhan University Undergraduate School
Wuhan University Undergraduate School
The test solution for the Academic Affairs Office of Qiming University has improved the efficiency of the school's undergraduate final exam (public basic course), and realized the electronic file management of test papers and answer cards. The process from examination to electronic scoring demonstrates the openness and fairness of examinations. At the same time, it realizes the effective collection of post-exam teaching and research big data and multi-dimensional analysis, which provides specific references for daily teaching management and the improvement of candidates' academic quality.
Southwest Jiaotong University
Southwest Jiaotong University
The Academic Affairs Office of Southwest Jiaotong University introduced the Qiming Taihe intelligent online scoring system in 2016, which greatly improved the efficiency of public examination papers and the accuracy of score registration and scoring. Starting from 2019, the variable printing and sorting test paper system has been incorporated into the test support service system , It has won unanimous praise from the group examination department.
Huazhong Normal University
Huazhong Normal University
Considering the separation of teaching and testing from the undergraduate college in 2019, the introduction of Qiming Taihe's intelligent online scoring system and variable printed test paper sorting system greatly improves the efficiency and standardization of examination organization. At the same time, Qiming AI anti-cheating online examination system will respond to the school during the 2020 epidemic Final exams for graduates and current students provide strong support. Widely recognized by the school.
Chongqing University
Chongqing University
Tōngguò shǐyòng qǐmíng gāoxiào jiàowù chù kǎoshì jiějué fāng'àn, tíshēngle gāi jiào běnkē shēng qímò kǎoshì (gōnggòng jīchǔkè) kǎo wù gōngzuò xiàolǜ, shíxiànle shìjuàn jí dátí kǎ diànzǐ huà guīdǎng. Tóngshí cóng kǎoshì dào diànzǐ huà yuèjuàn de guòchéng, zhāngxiǎnle kǎoshì gōngkāi hé gōngpíng xìng. Zhuānyè duō wéidù de jiàoyán fēnxī mókuài zhùlì xué jiào běnkē zài xiàoshēng de xuéyè zhìliàng tíshēng. 展开 116/5000 By using the exam solution for the Academic Affairs Office of Qiming University, the efficiency of the school's undergraduate final exams (public basic courses) is improved, and the test papers and answer cards are electronically archived. At the same time, the process from examination to electronic scoring demonstrates the openness and fairness of examinations. The professional multi-dimensional teaching and research analysis module helps the school's undergraduate students to improve their academic quality.
Xi'an Jiaotong University
The School of Foreign Languages of Xi’an Jiaotong University has cooperated with Qiming Company for more than one year. Through the digital management of answer sheets, the problem of school test paper storage has been effectively solved. From online scoring, combined score management to teaching and research analysis, a series of test data will gradually Incorporate into the school's management platform, and finally realize the informatization of examination work.
Southern University of Science and Technology
Southern University of Science and Technology
The school uses the test solution of the Academic Affairs Office of Qiming University to realize the ID of test papers and answer sheets through electronic scoring and electronic archiving. It effectively solves the physical space occupation caused by the archiving and retrieval of a large number of paper test papers every year, and also reduces related labor costs.
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications
By using Qiming's electronic scoring products, the efficiency and fairness of scoring examination subjects in public courses have been improved. At the same time, the professional multi-dimensional teaching and research analysis module helps the school's undergraduate students improve their academic quality.
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine
Through cooperation with Qiming University Academic Affairs Office examination overall solution, from question bank composition to variable printing, electronic scoring, teaching and research analysis and other integrated solutions, covering the entire life cycle of the school's examination and examination work. The focus is on solving the traditional problems faced by educational administration departments such as electronic scoring and electronic filing of test papers, effectively reducing the work pressure and burden of relevant departments and teachers, and improving efficiency. Unanimously approved by the school.

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