Morning Star software Technology is an excellent information service provider for education admissions and examinations in China. Since its establishment in 2009, Qiming Taihe has always focused on the progress and development of education informatization, and has accumulated a deep understanding and creation of enrollment and examination. The company is based in China's higher education, and has expanded to a wide range of areas where Internet information technology and cloud computing technology are integrated, with customers all over the country, and has become the forefront of China's higher education examination service industry.

In recent years, the company has actively participated in the construction of education informatization, providing safe, efficient and convenient enrollment and examination solutions and services for customers such as examination institutes, ordinary universities, vocational colleges, art colleges, and distance and continuing education. The company has undertaken more than 100 major projects and has rich experience in solution consulting, development, implementation and service as well as project management experience. At present, an industrial ecology covering the whole country has been established.



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  • 2019

    Serving 150+ college customers across the country, completing a major breakthrough from ten to one hundred. With the help of digitalization, Qiming Taihe provides AI + Internet examination services, leading the industry in management experience.
  • 2018

    The examination and examination teaching quality monitoring and management platform was launched.
  • 2017

    The exam cloud platform was fully launched, and the number of online exams on the platform reached one million. Launched general-purpose computer-based test products, and comprehensively increased the computer-based test product line. Passed the five-level certification of CMMI software capability maturity integration model.
  • 2016

    The self-developed video player test product was officially launched.
  • 2015

    Complete the research and development of cloud scoring college edition, digital printing, and fine art scoring products, and formally enter the field of distance and continuing education.
  • 2014

    A major breakthrough was made in the unified examination of arts admissions, and Wuhan Conservatory of Music became a service model benchmark.
  • 2013

    Successfully implemented oral and self-examination scoring projects, and launched the cloud scoring basic education version.
  • 2012

    The self-test proposition management platform was successfully implemented.
  • 2011

    Completed the campus version of the online marking business expansion plan for the national market.
  • 2010

    Started to expand the enrollment information platform and campus version of the online marking business.
  • 2009

    Qiming Taihe was established. Reached long-term cooperation with the recruitment agencies of Hubei Province to jointly develop an overall solution suitable for examination and examination scenarios, and accelerate the service process of intelligent education.

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