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  •   South China University of Technology is a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education. It ranks among the national "Double First Class" (Class A), "985 Project", and "211 Project". Unit. South China University of Technology is a comprehensive research university with expertise in engineering, integrating science, engineering, medicine, management, economics, literature, law and other disciplines. The school promotes the construction of a first-class university with strong original scientific research and innovation capabilities. There are 27 national scientific research platforms and 185 ministerial and provincial scientific research platforms, ranking first among universities in the country and the first in Guangdong.

            The School of Continuing Education of South China University of Technology adopted Qiming Software’s intelligent online scoring system in 2014, which realized paperless scoring, which embodies the principle of fairness and justice, and avoids the error of manual integration of points and points. It will take about 5 days after the test is completed. You can get results. In 2019, we cooperated with Wuhan Qiming Company in the variable printing test paper automatic sorting system and AI anti-cheating online test system, which improved the efficiency of test paper printing. The online test also optimizes the management efficiency and cost to a certain extent, and makes the test more convenient.



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