Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College

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  • The college’s agricultural technology application uses Qiming Taihe Software Co., Ltd.’s skills single-recruitment application solution. The skills application data passes the company and the provincial examination institute to make relevant interfaces, and directly obtains the candidates’ college entrance examination registration data. The data is accurate and fast; at the same time, the company provides multiple The payment channel supports the current payment interfaces such as WeChat payment, payment package payment, UnionPay payment, AnxinPay, etc., which is convenient for examinees, and at the same time plays a key role in the separation of finance and business of the college. In the arrangement of examination affairs, the derived arrangement data, For example, desk stickers, candidate confirmation sheets, examination room layout tables, etc., alleviate the work of the examination staff and ensure the correctness of the data. In the printing of the examination admission ticket, the company provides three-entry printing of the examination admission ticket for the examinee. The use of the skill single-recruitment registration system not only improves the efficiency of school recruitment, but also facilitates candidates.

    Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College is located in the national historical and cultural city of Xiangyang. It is a public full-time multidisciplinary higher vocational college approved by the People’s Government of Hubei Province and filed by the Ministry of Education. It is a national demonstration (backbone) higher vocational college and the second Approved the national modern apprenticeship pilot units.

    Xiangyang Normal School was founded in 1905, which was the predecessor of the original Xiangfan Normal School; in 1914, the American Church founded Xiangyang Tongji Hospital and its attached Senior Nursing School, which was the predecessor of the original Xiangfan Health School; in 1935, Dr. Zhang Fuchun who studied in France founded Xiangyang Agricultural School. The predecessor of the original Xiangyang Agricultural School. Xiangfan Vocational and Technical College was established on the basis of three schools in August 2000, and in April 2012, it was renamed Xiangyang Vocational and Technical College.



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