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  •   Based on Qiming Taihe Art Enrollment Examination Solution, on the one hand, it provides WeChat official account registration, registration, payment and test site selection for the candidates of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music; on the other hand, it can support the management of examination arrangements for different majors and different subjects. During the process, we provide high-quality solutions for the scoring of the phonograph test and interview to meet the adaptation and support of different test types, greatly reducing management costs, and ensuring the stability and safety of the test process.
      The predecessor of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music was the "Sichuan Provincial Experimental School of Drama Education" founded in 1939. It became more current in 1959 and became one of the six professional music academies with undergraduate level in China at that time. The school has two campuses, Jinjiang and Xindu, with a total area of more than 1,200 mu, with 29 teaching departments and 10 research institutions. The school level covers postgraduate education, undergraduate education, junior education, adult education and middle school education. There are more than 16,000 students in the school. It is one of 11 independently established professional music colleges in the country.
      The school is dominated by music and dance disciplines, and the disciplines of art theory, drama and film and television, fine arts and design are developed in a comprehensive and coordinated manner. The discipline construction is continuously improved, and the discipline layout is continuously optimized. The existing national-level specialty majors are: composition and composition technology theory, music performance. Provincial specialties are: Musicology, Industrial Design, Painting, and Dance. Provincial key disciplines are: composition, keyboard instruments, and painting. The construction points of the first-class national-level undergraduate majors of the Ministry of Education's "Double Ten Thousands Program" are: composition and composition technology theory, music performance, recording art, and the provincial-level first-rate undergraduate majors are: musicology, dance, painting, and product design.

    •   The Sichuan Conservatory of Music has a wide range of enrollment, and all provinces across the country have test centers. The system can configure test center information according to different majors and different types of candidates;
        The test arrangement is complex, the system can support single test site/multiple test sites, and test sites outside the province can be arranged independently;
        Various forms of interviews, flexible system configuration, random drawing of judges, which can satisfy the selection and scoring of judges in different subjects and subjects;
         provides a complete set of Sight-singing test platform, greatly improving the efficiency of scoring;
         provides data printing and marking services, instead of manual labor, greatly improving the efficiency of marking.

    •   According to the enrollment examination requirements of the Sichuan Conservatory of Music, Qiming Software proposed a complete enrollment examination solution, and built a unified management platform with the help of Alibaba Cloud resources, covering all aspects of work before, during and after the examination of Sichuan Conservatory of Music. The solution includes the following points:
        (1) Candidate application system
         Candidates pay attention to the school's official account, bind the candidate's information, and complete the applicant's registration and payment in the WeChat official account platform. Later, you can download the candidate's admission ticket, query the candidate's score, ranking, whether or not to be admitted, and other information.
        (2) phonograph test platform
      The Sichuan Conservatory of Music enrollment phonograph test platform needs to realize the technical support functions and services of the whole process of electronic test question preparation, computer-based examination, and post-test scoring, and provide the corresponding software required by the phonograph test platform. Provide corresponding software and technical services to ensure the smooth progress of the test by preparing papers, monitoring during the test, and processing the results after the test.
        (3) Candidate admission module
         Provides a complete interview scoring module. The examination room staff controls whether the examination room is opened and whether candidates enter the room. It can view the assessment of the judges in real time, and achieve the effect of linkage with the judges in the examination room, realizing the control of the examination progress.
         (4) scoring system
         The judges log in to the scoring system according to their account numbers. After the candidates enter the venue, they can view the candidates’ exam information in the scoring system in real time, and complete the scoring according to the candidates’ examination conditions. After the scoring is confirmed, the scores of the candidates can be submitted in groups.
        (5) Digital printing and marking system
      According to the arrangement of the college exam examination room, use digital variable printing technology to produce test papers, answer sheets, sign-in forms, test paper bags, roll bag information stickers, and seals, complete automatic sorting and bagging services, and assist in mailing, and verify the bagging process; in After the exam, it provides functions including examination paper scanning, score registration and score statistics.

    •   Open up all aspects of the admissions test business from candidate registration and payment, exam arrangement, phonograph test, interview scoring, digital printing, scanning and scoring, etc., not only realizes the whole process management of candidates from registration to printing admission ticket, but also realizes the Sichuan Conservatory of Music Enrollment and test takers are managed through the informatization process, which greatly improves the management efficiency and ensures the safety and traceability of the examination process.


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