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  • Since the school adopted the comprehensive solution of Qiming cloud platform examination, offline examinations have adopted a new mode of electronic scoring, which not only improves the efficiency and fairness of scoring, but also realizes electronic archiving of massive paper examination papers. At the same time, this year, through the use of the online examination method of the examination cloud platform, the centralized examination problem that students cannot return to school under special circumstances has been solved, and it has won unanimous praise from the school leaders and teachers.

    Jianghan University is a comprehensive university located in Wuhan City, Hubei Province, which is a thoroughfare of nine provinces. In 2018, the school was selected as Hubei Province's "Double First Class" Construction "Domestic First-Class Discipline Construction University", and the chemical engineering and technology discipline was selected as Hubei Province's "Domestic First-Class Discipline Construction" Subject". In 2019, the school introduced Academician Xie Xianqi of the Chinese Academy of Engineering and became the first Hubei provincial university with a full-time academician; the major of Material Forming and Control Engineering was selected into the list of national first-class undergraduate majors announced by the Ministry of Education, and 17 undergraduate majors were selected to the provincial level List of first-class construction sites.



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