Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine

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  • Through cooperation with Qiming University Academic Affairs Office examination overall solution, from question bank composition to variable printing, electronic scoring, teaching and research analysis and other integrated solutions, covering the entire life cycle of the school's examination and examination work. The focus is on solving the traditional problems faced by educational administration departments such as electronic scoring and electronic filing of test papers, effectively reducing the work pressure and burden of relevant departments and teachers, and improving efficiency. Unanimously approved by the school.

    Jiangxi University of Traditional Chinese Medicine was founded in 1959 and is located in Nanchang City, the capital of Jiangxi Province, which is the capital of Jiangxi Province. The school is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Education, the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the People's Government of Jiangxi Province, and is a national doctoral degree authorization unit. The school has become a well-known higher education institution of Chinese medicine with distinctive characteristics of integrating Chinese medicine education as the main body, coordinated development of multiple disciplines, and combining production, teaching and research.



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