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  •   Based on the solutions of Qiming Taihe Skills College Entrance Examination and Single Enrollment Online Registration Exam, the school’s candidate registration data can be connected with the college entrance examination data of Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute, effectively verifying the basic information of the candidates, and also unifying the candidates’ Photo information. Using the technical college entrance examination registration test solution, it is convenient for candidates to sign up and pay, test admission ticket downloads, and score query; it is convenient for the recruitment office to collect the data of candidates, so that the registration data is more accurate and effective; it is convenient for the examination service to arrange the data in the examination room Organize, make test administration data more convenient and improve the accuracy of test administration arrangement; at the same time, there is no need to worry about the release of test results, which improves the overall efficiency of the school.

      Wuhan Railway Vocational and Technical College is the construction unit of the national "Double High Plan", the national exemplary higher vocational college, the national high-quality higher vocational college, the sixth Huang Yanpei vocational education award outstanding school, the national college graduates with typical experience in employment, colleges and universities Top 50 Vocational College Service Contributions, Top 50 International Influential Higher Vocational Colleges, First Batch of Modern Apprenticeship Pilot Units by the Ministry of Education, Best Civilized Unit in Hubei Province, Model School of the Rule of Law Construction in Hubei Province, Excellent Unit in Comprehensive Management of Social Security in Wuhan , Won the Excellence Award of the World Federation of Vocational Education Colleges.


    •   The Skills College Entrance Examination is an important college entrance examination reform initiated and implemented by Hubei Province in 2012. Colleges and universities recruit graduates from secondary vocational schools, with skills operation exams as the mainstay and cultural exams as a supplement. This innovative measure is for students from secondary vocational schools. Entering colleges and universities provides a new way. Individual enrollment is the Ministry of Education to further improve the higher vocational education system with Chinese characteristics and the diversified higher education selection and admission mechanism. In order to implement the "Opinions of the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Finance on Implementing the National Demonstrative Higher Vocational College Construction Plan and Accelerating the Reform and Development of Higher Vocational Education" (Jiaogao [2006] No. 14), actively explore and guide high school graduates and secondary vocational schools. A way to rationally divert graduates to high-quality higher vocational colleges and improve the quality of the source of higher vocational education. Therefore, the school also puts forward higher requirements for the source of higher vocational students.


    •   According to the characteristics of skills college entrance examination and single recruiting, Qiming Software proposes a targeted solution. The entire registration test platform is divided into school management, secondary vocational (high school) management, and test takers. The school management only needs to configure majors and majors. To apply for the exam, configure the specific time range for registration and payment, and then you can view the status of the candidates in real time; the candidate side allows students to log in freely, choose a major to pay, and download the admission ticket to take the exam during the corresponding opening hours. The end of the exam is based on the school's announcement Check the results; the management end of the secondary vocational school (high school) is for the secondary vocational school to know the number of applicants in the school in time, and the secondary vocational school can promptly remind the candidates of omissions and wrong reports. Colleges and vocational schools exchange information about candidates in real time. The use of the system can make the entire application, examination, and admission process fair and just, and let the parents of the candidates explain their doubts.


    •   After adopting Qiming software’s solutions for the technical college entrance examination and single enrollment examination, the school and the secondary vocational (high school) can understand the information of the applicants in a timely manner, and the secondary vocational (high school) can also promptly remind the candidates who have not registered. Improved the efficiency of registration and effectively prevented candidates from underreporting. The school can understand the number of applicants and the number of paying fees in a timely manner, and make effective arrangements for examination affairs; it is convenient for the school to download examination affairs data; it is convenient for candidates to print admission tickets; and it is more convenient for candidates to check their results.


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