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  •   Based on Qiming Taihe Art Admissions Examination Solution, on the one hand, it provides WeChat official account registration, registration, payment and test site selection for Nanjing Art Institute candidates on the examinee side; on the other hand, it can support the examination of different majors and different subjects in the examination process. China provides interview scoring solutions for each college to meet the adaptation and support of different exam types in different colleges, greatly reducing management costs and ensuring the safety of the exam process.
      Nanjing University of the Arts is a century-old school with a long history and profound heritage. The school is located in the main urban area of Nanjing where history and modernity complement each other. It is in the urban cultural circle where tradition and fashion are organically blended. As the only comprehensive art academy in Jiangsu Province, Nanyi is a university jointly established by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism and the Jiangsu Provincial Government. It is also the earliest and lasting higher art academy established by an independent system in my country. .
      The school now has a college of fine arts, music, design, film and television, dance, media, popular music, industrial design, humanities, cultural industry, higher vocational education, adult education, and international education. 14 secondary colleges such as the School of Marxism。
      The school currently has more than 11,000 students, more than 1,000 faculty members, more than 700 full-time teachers, more than 350 full-time teachers with intermediate and senior titles, more than 60 doctoral tutors, and more than 200 master tutors. There are more than 100 guest professors and part-time professors at home and abroad. .
      The school is the only art school in the country that has the right to confer doctoral degrees in all five first-level disciplines under the disciplines of art and post-doctoral research mobile stations. In the fourth round of discipline evaluation by the Ministry of Education in 2017, all five first-level disciplines ranked among the top six. Among them, Fine Arts was rated A grade, Music and dance studies, and design were rated A-levels, drama and film studies, and art theory were rated B+ grades; Category A subjects reached 60% of the total number of disciplines in the school, ranking No. One; 4 disciplines ranked first in the province.
      Nanjing Art is a comprehensive art college. The enrollment and examination requirements of different colleges are different. Since the official use of the company's system in 2017, the enrollment registration and examination scoring of each college have been completed in the system, and it is currently in stable operation for 3 years .

    •   Nanjing University of the Arts has a wide range of enrollment. There are test centers in all provinces across the country. The system can configure test center information according to different majors and types of candidates;
        The test arrangement is complex, the system can support single test site/multiple test sites, and the different scheduling requirements between different colleges can also be flexibly configured;
        The jury draws lots randomly, and the lottery rules of different colleges and different examination rooms can be flexibly configured, and it can support random drawing and examination.
         Various forms of interviews, including single admission, batch admission, group admission, etc., can be fully adapted to the scoring business of different schools
         After the judges score, the scores can be combined on the same day (jury scores→subject scores→professional scores→total scores). After the scores are combined, the scores can be drawn and ranked, and the score information can be released to the candidates in time.
        Provide a post-written score registration system, check the score results in both directions to ensure accuracy.

    •  According to the enrollment examination requirements of Nanjing Art Institute, Qiming Software proposed a complete enrollment examination solution, and built a unified management platform with the help of Alibaba Cloud resources, covering all aspects of work before, during and after the examination of Nanjing Art Institute. The solution includes the following points:
        (1) Candidate application system
         Candidates pay attention to the school's official account, bind the candidate's information, and complete the applicant's registration and payment in the WeChat official account platform. Later, you can download the candidate's admission ticket, query the candidate's score, ranking, whether or not to be admitted, and other information.
        (2) Payment and reconciliation subsystem
        According to the number of subjects and number of applicants, reconciliation with financial income and expenditure can be implemented, and the reconciliation results can be presented in the form of statements.
        (3) Exam arrangement sub-module
         provides complete interview schedule and written test schedule. Written test arrangement can print all kinds of examination materials and ensure that they are complete and correct. Interview arrangement can flexibly configure various examination scenarios of each college, including group admission, batch admission, and single admission.
        (4) Interview scoring system
         The judges log in to the scoring system according to their account numbers. After the candidates enter the venue, they can view the candidates’ exam information in the scoring system in real time, and complete the scoring according to the candidates’ examination conditions. After the scoring is confirmed, the scores of the candidates can be submitted in groups.
        (5) Sign-in system
         After the written test is scored, a complete score system is provided, which can do two-way score certification, quickly issue scores and be equipped with statistics and analysis functions.

    •   Open up all aspects of admissions and examinations from examinee registration and payment, examination arrangement, score distribution, interview scoring, examination paper registration, etc., not only realizes the whole process management of examinees from registration to printing admission ticket, but also realizes the admission of candidates from Nanjing University of the Arts The entire process of information management has greatly improved management efficiency and ensured the safety and traceability of the examination process.

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