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  •   Based on the Qimingtaihe art examination collection and scoring system, the Central Academy of Fine Arts can safely, professionally and efficiently complete the collection and retention of the original papers of the art school examination papers, collect and register the scores after scoring, and the electronic examination paper pictures are easy to retrieve quickly later , Check, greatly reduce management costs and improve service capabilities.
      The Central Academy of Fine Arts is the only higher art school directly under the Ministry of Education of the People's Republic of China. There are now eight professional branches of Chinese Painting-School, School of Plastic Arts, School of Design, School of Architecture, School of Humanities, School of Urban Design, School of Experimental Art, School of Art Management and Education, as well as the Institute of Plastic Arts, the School of Continuing Education and its affiliates. Secondary art school. The college enrolls technical secondary school students (attached high school), junior college students (adult education), undergraduates, master's degree students, doctoral students and various advanced students every year.

    •  Enrolling in the various admissions examinations of the Central Academy of Fine Arts is extremely popular. Each admission examination is faced with a large amount of test papers. The test papers are difficult to save, read, and easily damaged, which consumes a lot of manpower and material resources, data integrity, and security. Not easy to guarantee. Qiming Taihe's art examination collection and scoring system can quickly and professionally collect paper test papers into electronic file test papers, which highly guarantees the degree of restoration of the test papers and saves the test paper works before scoring; the test paper collection and scoring work after scoring can be directly registered Divide and archive the examination papers after grading, quickly scoring and marking, and record the physical location of the examination papers for easy checking and review.


    •   According to the needs of the Central Academy of Fine Arts, Qiming Taihe proposed a complete system solution for the collection and marking of art examinations. The professional electronic collection of test papers is completed through the cooperation of the software system and the hardware system. During the collection process, the system automatically recognizes the barcode, and enters the test paper corresponding to the candidate’s name, test number, major, subject, score, and test paper storage specific physical path. After the test paper collection is completed, it is verified The number of test papers, corresponding to the score section and the pictures of the examinee’s test papers, one-click export of all information forms, categorized and saved test paper pictures, to ensure the safe and efficient completion of the test paper collection and registration work.


    •   Full service for the 2020 Central Academy of Fine Arts test paper collection and scoring work, to ensure that test takers’ scores and pictures of test papers are exported in a timely manner after scoring is completed, which is convenient for later score announcements, enrollment marking, test takers’ score review, test paper picture retrieval, and archiving.


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