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  •   Based on the collection and scoring system of Qimingtaihe Fine Arts Examinations, Hubei Education Examination Institute can complete the scoring, marking, and marking of the art joint examination safely, professionally and efficiently. The electronic test papers are convenient for quick retrieval and reference in the later period. Reduced management costs and improved service capabilities.
      Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute is a public institution directly under the Hubei Provincial Department of Education. It is responsible for organizing education examinations throughout the province. It is the most authoritative examination institution in Hubei Province. The Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute undertakes more than 40 types of examination items, with an annual number of candidates reaching 3 million. At present, the Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute has basically formed a national examination and social examination, domestic examination and overseas examination, academic examination and non-academic examination, etc., and a variety of educational examination systems have been formed; it has formed a set of questions, papers, examinations, and evaluations. A comprehensive examination service system such as papers; a distinctive examination information system for scientific research, publicity, and consulting has been formed. In addition, the Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute also undertakes various examinations commissioned by other units.

    •   The Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute has problems such as transportation, venue, scoring, score registration, scoring, marking, test paper preservation, and difficulty in accessing the provincial joint examination papers. Qiming Taihe’s art test collection and scoring system can quickly and professionally collect paper test papers into electronic file test papers, which highly guarantees the degree of restoration of the test papers; scoring the papers through a professional software system. During the scoring process, all examinee information is encrypted and passed A variety of mechanisms and big data real-time analysis and monitoring of all operational details of the probability to ensure the quality of marking and greatly improve the efficiency of marking.


    •   According to the requirements of the art admission examination of Hubei Provincial Education Examination Institute, Qiming Taihe proposed a complete art examination collection and marking system solution. The professional electronic collection of test papers is completed through the cooperation of the software system and the hardware system. During the collection process, candidates information coverage, missing candidates mark, test paper leakage, picture encryption and other functions ensure safe, efficient and professional services; professional staff provide full service during the marking process , Professional color correction and scoring computer, professional scoring system through standard paper, independent multi-evaluation, more than half of the file, automatic return, arbitration, big data analysis scoring data, batch release tasks and other mechanisms to ensure the safe and efficient completion of scoring work.


    •   Full service for the 2020 Hubei Fine Arts Joint Examination Paper Marking work, to ensure that the fine arts marking work is completed on time, 187 points for undergraduate marking in the joint examination, to ensure the high quality of marking and marking.



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