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  •   The test solution for the Academic Affairs Office of Qiming University has improved the efficiency of the school's undergraduate final exam (public basic course), and realized the electronic file management of test papers and answer cards. The process from examination to electronic scoring demonstrates the openness and fairness of examinations. At the same time, it realizes the effective collection of post-exam teaching and research big data and multi-dimensional analysis, which provides specific references for daily teaching management and the improvement of candidates' academic quality.

      Wuhan University is a well-known double first-class university in Wuhan area. The undergraduate school of this school is the management institution of the whole school’s undergraduate students, with a population of more than 30,000. The school has high requirements for the daily management and examination work of students, and hopes to further improve the efficiency and fairness of examination and examination work through high-tech information technology.

    •   The school uses manual scoring in the early stage, most subjects do not use standard answer sheets, and there are many common subjects, and the examination room layout is complicated. At the same time, as the exam approaches, the existing examination procedures and examination room issuing methods are both short-term There should be no major changes and certain challenges.


    •   According to the requirements of the relevant leaders of Wuhan University's Undergraduate School, the relevant public courses of the school have been visited and investigated one by one to understand the status quo and key pain points. Qiming Software has put forward a complete public course final exam overall solution, including the arrangement of the examination room Collaborative work, docking the design and layout of answer sheets for specific subjects and special subjects of each college, scanning work on school question cards, collaborative organization of post-examination marking work, centralized training and technical support for marking on-site, and big data analysis of teaching and research after score delivery jobs.

      The reason why Wuhan University chooses Qiming Software is mainly based on the following points:

        One platform: examination management arrangement, question card design, digital printing and intelligent sorting, online/offline examination two optional modes, electronic marking, electronic local archiving and teaching and research big data analysis, etc., covering examination and examination management All links and all kinds of data are interacted on one platform.

        Professional services throughout the entire process: from pre-exam arrangement, test paper and question card design, to scoring and data delivery, professional training and one-to-one services by designated engineers are provided. For key implementation links such as scanning and scoring, personnel will be provided on-site support throughout the entire process until the task is successfully delivered.
      Flexible choice in a variety of ways: Qiming exam cloud platform not only supports the regular offline exam mode, but also provides AI anti-cheating online exam solutions, especially in the special environment of the 2020 epidemic, successfully helping the school complete the line of learning for students Examination of the above method.

    •   Through the long-term cooperation with the school, the school's complicated examination and examination work burden has been reduced, related work efficiency has been improved, and the fairness of related subject examinations has been further demonstrated. Also with the help of artificial intelligence technology, the school has reached the goal of reliability and validity of the test, and improved the efficiency of the test organization and management. At the same time, Qiming has the support of multiple test modes to help the school in the special situation of the "big epidemic". Explore and try a variety of test modes.


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